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Schioven Mitchells Story...

I had my 2nd child 6mths ago and had put on 25kg's (55lb). I only have 12months maternity and desperately needed to lose the weight to be able to fit my uniform to go back to work. Well that was only one part of it. I was also sick and tired of still wearing my maternity clothes because I couldn't fit anything else.

I didn't hesitate to join your program after reading the testimonials from your happy customers. I was going for the odd walk and bike ride. I was trying to eat healthier. But obviously it was not enough.

Wow where do I start with the results I have achieved on your program.

In one word Amazing! I not only fit my uniform but I had to get a size smaller!!! People I haven't seen in a couple of months can't believe how much I've shrunk and how fast. I'm so much more happier and confident. It's like having a new wardrobe again as I can fit in to all my clothes I wore 2 summers ago.

I'm just so grateful that I bit the bullet and bought your programme online. Now just saying sorry I'm not in the same clothes but the bra I had on previous is just soooo big I threw it out and the jeans I was wearing were my maternity ones. Basically I got those results in just over 2 months not in the 90 days, so that is pretty impressive.

Hope you have a fantastic xmas because I know I will in my new dress and be able to do the slip in slide with my kiddies without feeling disgusting about my weight!!!

Schioven's Measurements
Start of Program
After Just 60 Days


106cm (42")
96cm (38")


I have such a Busy Lifestyle….
This program is awesome for people like me!

Hi Nalisha ,

First of all i would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

This program is amazing , it's awesome for people like me , who is busy in every day life or working different shifts , It's very flexible and covered every single part of health, exercise and healthy food..well done...

i always eat very healthy , my problem is remain consequent with my training and not stopping half way through , i also have my problems with weights , but it's getting better every week , and pedometer become "my best friend" , it's such a good idea, you realizing that you haven't done enough and need do another 1000 or 2000 , so i'll get of the bus few stop earlier or walk from work few blocks before catching's just little but very clear reminder...i never realized how many steps we do and how many need to be done...

Oksana Pueschel - Melbourne Australia

The scales haven't gone down BUT my Measurements Certainly have!

Hi Nalisha

I have found the 90 Day Challenge programme really great, I haven't seen the scales go down too much but my measurements have!

My clothes fitting better which is great. I have found the first 90 days a good way of getting back into the swing of things, two years ago I was an absolute gym freak and then I kind of lost interest and of course when you stop exercising the weight just creeps back on (10KGS)

I am now running 4kms under 29 mins which is great, but I have a fair way to go as I was running 5kms under 29 mins 2 years ago, but I should be able to get there easily as 2 weeks ago I was running less than 4kms in 35 mins.

I just need to be mindful of what I am putting in my mouth and I know I will achieve even better results. I love seeing an increase in repetitions as I was finding doing one rep a bit easy! I also love the variety, variety keeps me interested and moving around the gym!

Kind regards

Marian W :)

My Pants are Looser, Which is Just Fantastic and
I know a change is happening.

Hi Nalisha

I have just loved this first month of my new exercise program – it was just what I needed to get me on the right track as I had lost the momentum and didn’t know what to do about it until I got your voucher discount – just what the doctor ordered “so to speak” !

So far I have no comments on how it can be approved. What I enjoyed most is the fact that I can just do all my exercises in my lounge room with a minimal purchase of a swissball and dumbbells to get started.

I have seen the results in my pants are looser, which is just fantastic and I know a change is happening.

I’m turning 60 on 1st August and therefore this exercise program is just perfect for me. I’m really looking forward to the Interval program this month and experiencing a different way to exercise.

The Homework component of sending goals was challenging at the very start, but I realised that is how I get results by going over my goals for the 7 days ! Fantastic!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity for better health and fitness.


Judy Hall

I now know all the Secrets to healthy living! Thank you for teaching them to me.

Dear Nalisha

First of all I would like to thank you for your amazing weigh loss program and also for your continuous support, dedication and guidance throughout this beautiful journey. I call it beautiful journey as I got lots of benefits from the entire program:

Q1: The program benefited me in a way that I became more aware of the healthy diets and now I feel that I`m more educated regarding my health and the basics of a healthy diet program.

Q3: I prefer not to send you my photo because I did not take a photo from the beginning of the program as I was not over weight too much and I just wanted to loose few KGs in order to feel more happy with my body and also to be more educated regarding the correct way of doing exercise followed by a proper and healthy diet.

Thanks again for your wonderful program

Kind Regards

Golnaz R- Philippines

In 90 Days I lost 13 Kilograms I now know how to control my Weight!

Hi Nalisha

I lost 13 kilograms on your program and have lots more energy and its taught me to manage my weight. I now feel like its all within my control and I know exactly what to do to shed those unwanted kilos.

Megan Essers - South Africa

In 2 Months I lost 4.8 Kilos

Hi Nalisha

I have been overseas on holiday for the last month of the programme... But just to let you know I did loose 4.8kgs in the first two months..


Eva Koen - South Africa

PS. Was one of the best holidays thanks to you!







Check out Susannah Walkers Video and how she lost 13 Kilo's In 12 Weeks!

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Check out Lee Kirkman's Video & how she lost 32 Kilos's on the program!

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Nalisha has organised a Host of Celebrity Weight Loss Experts to share their Amazing Easy Weight Loss Secrets!
Kim Lyons - Expert Personal Trainer as featured on The Biggest Loser Show, shares her vast health & fitness expertise with your members.
Dr Michael Roizen -Health Expert Dr Michael Roizen, as seen regularly on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the co-author of best selling health book "YOU, The Owners Manual" shows your members tips and strategies for optimum health
More Client Success Stories*


Client Success Story
Sarah H, Auckland.

“The program is making me accountable for my fitness and diet. I am thinking twice before I indulge or make excuses for not exercising."

The Program has given me new goals that are actually possible to achieve. Feel so much more energized. I actually enjoy going out in the cold and often rain to exercise. Because I am engaging in healthy eating habits along with exercise I have not as yet suffered any winter illnesses. As you don’t have to start out hard out, you can increase level of fitness and start to make healthy eating changes at a practical rate. Sometimes when we go all out to fast and it’s only a seven day wonder!”

The program works, furthermore amazing results can be achieved in a short time if you commit to the daily routine of good eating and exercise, and it soon becomes a way of everyday life.

Hey you slip up occasionally but you don’t give up! Just like we teach our children in life to persevere whether they are learning to walk, or ride a bike, whatever. The same applies to you keep on even if you don’t always see immediate results………they will come. I speak from experience.”

Sarah H, Auckland


Client Success Story

Faieka Abrahams - Auckland

In just over 3 months I have lost a total of 36.1 cm. Wow, even I couldn’t believe it. I went from a size 16 and now fit in a size 10 (which was my goal),

It was January and like most people I gained so much weight over December, heaps of parties, holidays and pure fun which always involved food and little or in my case no exercise. Life was busy, I was running my own business and simply did not have the time to exercise and eat right.

I grabbed things on the go and often it was the wrong foods, just to fill the hunger pains. I searched the internet for a “diet” that would work.

I came across HealthMastery and was skeptical. It was impossible for people to look so good just with eating right and some exercise I thought, but after having spoken to Nalisha for the first time, she answered many of the questions I had and I thought I’d give it a go.

I had no time to exercise, years of incorrect eating, not to mention the fact that I did not know what type of exercises to do.

I was introduced to things at a pace I could manage, starting with exercising 3 times a week, she gave me great nutritional tips about what to look out for on the packaging by looking at the fat content.

I kept a food diary and was surprised that I was allowed to eat more than what I did in the past, but it was the right kinds of food this time. As we progressed with my exercise routine I realized that I started getting stronger and could run for longer periods of time.

I am pleased to say that now I run 4km a day, this is a huge achievement for me considering I could not run for more than 2 minutes in the past without having to stop to catch my breath!

I love the foods I now eat (it’s not so much different from before, except I prepare it in a healthy manner and of course everything in moderation) and so enjoy my exercising, if I skip a day of exercising, I really miss it.

In just over 3 months I have lost a total of 36.1 cm. Wow, even I couldn’t believe it. I went from a size 16 and now fit in a size 10 (which was my goal), but I will continue to stick to my HealthMastery exercise routine and love the way I am eating now.

I’ve been told that I look years younger. I feel great, I have so much more energy, and I now coach my daughter’s netball team and actually have the energy to run around with 9-year old girls.

The greatest gift about all of this is the fact that my children have seen me looking so much better, eating healthier and exercising more and they want to do the same. What better reward than to motivate our children in a healthy way!

Thank you, you’ve given me my sanity back! And I will be happy to tell anyone who would like to listen about the benefits!

Faieka Abrahams - Auckland

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