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What exactly is ShapeMe Challenge Program?

The ShapeMe Challenge is a revolutionary online/email based Digital weight loss coaching system that will transform every part of your health, fitness & well being over the course of 90 days.

Why is this different from other programs out there?

Unlike any other health & fitness program, The Program is designed to help members form the habit of long term habitual change using proven psychology and persuasion based exercises that have been creativily interwoven throughout the program.

Nalisha Patel - Founder.

Is the Founder and Director of HealthMastery and the co-designer of the WeightMastery Challenge. She is qualified as an exercise physiologist, with a double major degree in Sports & Exercise Science and Psychology she brings a wealth of experience to developing HealthMastery programs.
Nalisha is the woman who leads HealthMastery’s superior organization. Using her entrepreneurial spirit, Nalisha entered into the business world straight out of university with over 12 year’s industry experience, she is a highly motivating and experienced business person and fitness expert.

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Client Success Story
Sarah H, Auckland.

“The program is making me accountable for my fitness and diet. I am thinking twice before I indulge or make excuses for not exercising."

The Program has given me new goals that are actually possible to achieve. Feel so much more energized. I actually enjoy going out in the cold and often rain to exercise. Because I am engaging in healthy eating habits along with exercise I have not as yet suffered any winter illnesses. As you don’t have to start out hard out, you can increase level of fitness and start to make healthy eating changes at a practical rate. Sometimes when we go all out to fast and it’s only a seven day wonder!”

The program works, furthermore amazing results can be achieved in a short time if you commit to the daily routine of good eating and exercise, and it soon becomes a way of everyday life.

Hey you slip up occasionally but you don’t give up! Just like we teach our children in life to persevere whether they are learning to walk, or ride a bike, whatever. The same applies to you keep on even if you don’t always see immediate results………they will come. I speak from experience.”

Sarah H, Auckland


Client Success Story

Faieka Abrahams - Auckland

In just over 3 months I have lost a total of 36.1 cm. Wow, even I couldn’t believe it. I went from a size 16 and now fit in a size 10 (which was my goal),

It was January and like most people I gained so much weight over December, heaps of parties, holidays and pure fun which always involved food and little or in my case no exercise. Life was busy, I was running my own business and simply did not have the time to exercise and eat right.

I grabbed things on the go and often it was the wrong foods, just to fill the hunger pains. I searched the internet for a “diet” that would work.

I came across HealthMastery and was skeptical. It was impossible for people to look so good just with eating right and some exercise I thought, but after having spoken to Nalisha for the first time, she answered many of the questions I had and I thought I’d give it a go.

I had no time to exercise, years of incorrect eating, not to mention the fact that I did not know what type of exercises to do.

I was introduced to things at a pace I could manage, starting with exercising 3 times a week, she gave me great nutritional tips about what to look out for on the packaging by looking at the fat content.

I kept a food diary and was surprised that I was allowed to eat more than what I did in the past, but it was the right kinds of food this time. As we progressed with my exercise routine I realized that I started getting stronger and could run for longer periods of time.

I am pleased to say that now I run 4km a day, this is a huge achievement for me considering I could not run for more than 2 minutes in the past without having to stop to catch my breath!

I love the foods I now eat (it’s not so much different from before, except I prepare it in a healthy manner and of course everything in moderation) and so enjoy my exercising, if I skip a day of exercising, I really miss it.

In just over 3 months I have lost a total of 36.1 cm. Wow, even I couldn’t believe it. I went from a size 16 and now fit in a size 10 (which was my goal), but I will continue to stick to my HealthMastery exercise routine and love the way I am eating now.

I’ve been told that I look years younger. I feel great, I have so much more energy, and I now coach my daughter’s netball team and actually have the energy to run around with 9-year old girls.

The greatest gift about all of this is the fact that my children have seen me looking so much better, eating healthier and exercising more and they want to do the same. What better reward than to motivate our children in a healthy way!

Thank you, you’ve given me my sanity back! And I will be happy to tell anyone who would like to listen about the benefits!

Faieka Abrahams - Auckland


Nalisha has organised a Host of Celebrity Weight Loss Experts to share their Amazing Easy Weight Loss Secrets!
Kim Lyons - Expert Personal Trainer as featured on The Biggest Loser Show, shares her vast health & fitness expertise with your members.
Dr Michael Roizen -Health Expert Dr Michael Roizen, as seen regularly on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the co-author of best selling health book "YOU, The Owners Manual" shows your members tips and strategies for optimum health

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